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Passengers must wear face mask, have hand sanitizer to ride on train- NRC

The Nigerian Railways Corporation (NRC) has declared that all passengers must put on their face mask before being granted access to ride on the train, as services begin on Wednesday along the Abuja-Kaduna corridors.


Management of the NRC said in a statement that “Strict adherence to the use of face mask at all NRC facilities especially while on board the trains.

“Please note, face mask must be appropriately worn at all times throughout the duration of the journey.”

The NRC also advised that passengers must come with their own alcohol- based hand sanitizer that has up to 90 per cent alcohol.

It clarified that the Govt. /NRC would not provide sanitizers for the passengers/public.

It said that the sitting arrangement in the train had been reviewed to ensure physical distancing of a minimum of 2 metres.

Passengers must sit on their allocated seats and there shall be no changing of seats.

There shall be no movement/loitering while on board except for use of the conveniences.

There will not be any catering on board the train at present, the NRC said.

It added that “Our Janitors will be available to clean and disinfect the toilets immediately and whenever they are used while on board.

“Please note that defaulting will not be tolerated in order to safeguard other   train users.

“We have equally deployed more law enforcement personnel (Police, NCDSC, MOW) on board to enforce strict adherence to the new protocols, especially the use of face mask and maintaining social distancing at all times. “

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