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Olu Akinsoji’s thoughts on NIWA’s threat to shut down boat coy over mishap

Let us not think that shutting down a boat company operations over mishap is a solution to waterway transportation safety. See here

I don’t want to believe that the National inland Waterways Authority (NIWA) made the statement or thinking on that line of action because, the investigation into the mishap is not concluded.

Solution to the safety of the waterway transportation is a shared responsibility between the safety regulatory authority (NIMASA), who should provide regulation,  rules,  guidelines and relevant formal notices,  the enforcement agencies principally the Marine Police (NIWA Marine Police,  Federal and State) and the third in the series of responsibility is the owner/ operator and the passengers of the vessel.

The laws are made and responsibilities are given to the public agencies primarily to keep the services in place and in fact make it grow in the interest of the public.

Marine transportation is an essential poverty-alleviation and social economic service.

The owners and operators deserve to know their rights, privileges and the punitive actions for defaults ahead of commitments when possible to prevent a hostile environment for business venture.

I hope the investigation into this unfortunate incidence will reveal the weaknesses and gaps to proffer solutions for safer and attractive marine transportation.

Please accept my esteem regards and condolences for all concerned.

 Marine Engineer, Engr. I. Olu Akinsoji, has years of experience working in various top and technical capacities, both in public and private services.



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