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Making of a new Maritime Academy of Nigeria

The Maritime Academy, Oron Akwa Ibom State has established evident development with an array of new

infrastructure all about the academy complex.
The entrance gate to the academy is overtly changed with a most-modern technology-fitted structure, both
for aesthetics and security-compliance, with huge monitoring wall screens and communication
Rector of the Academy, Commodore Emmanuel Effedua (Rtd) is walking his talk when he promised
commitment and remarkable turn-around of the institution on assumption of office in September 2017.
Staff and visitors to the over four -decades old academy would testify of what it feels like to be a part of
this new look and meaning added to the institution.
Today, the academy presents itself as a prestigious maritime institution where development is defined as holistic; physical structure and pedagogic excellence.
Cadets get the best of swimming training sessions in the world-class survival pools. Its 1000-sitting capacity
auditorium can serve multi-purposes for academic and exra-curricular activities including seminars.
Cadets would return to the embrace of their newly-built hostels designed for just two persons, with all
modern facilities for their comfort.
Certainly, Effedua has established commitment to rebuilding the academy, considering the newly-
completed Library complex, new lecture theatres, administrative blocks, an ICT centre
and a stadium complex.
Remarkable, the Academy will take delivery of its Bridge Simulator as the COVID-19 lockdown eases.


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