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#MayDay: “We salute your courage and verve,” Mission writes seafarers, maritime workers

The Mission to Seafarers, Lagos celebrates with workers on the International Labour Day, and has sent a message of appreciation and encouragement saying: “We salute the courage and verve of seafarers and maritime workers, who daily sacrifice life and limb to keep global trade


In a statement, Chairman , Board of the Mission, Chief Adebayo Sarumi, a former Managing Director of the Nigerian Ports Authority (NPA), pledged the Mission’s continued devotion to the cause of the seafarers and maritime workers.
He said that the Mission to Seafarers Lagos equally recognised the efforts of shipping fleets, maritime agencies as well as fellow Seafarer Welfare institutions who have collaboratively worked at protecting, promoting and enhancing the lot of Seafarers, especially in our clime.
He added that “Ordinarily, the International Labour Day is set aside to recognize, appreciate and commend the lot of all workers in their diligent pursuit and dignified labour in building nations.
“This year has however been anything but ordinary. Amidst the throes of a ravaging pandemic and its damning recourse on lives- including a projected global recession, Seafarers have remained steadfast in the front-line of the scourge, continually and relentlessly labouring in buoying a global economy. This is stark in the face of attendant challenges on their families and their
working environment.
“It is our hope and strong belief that we shall all ride this storm to emerge stronger and even better placed to face the multitude of challenges life throws at us in the future. We are certain that the good Lord who has brought us all this far shall continue to abide with us all.”
The Committee of the Mission to Seafarers Lagos was newly inaugurated by the Lagos Diocese of the Anglican Communion shortly before the lockdown occasioned by the COVID-19 pandemic.


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