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Global Recycling Day: We matter for a healthy environment

As the world marked @GlobalRecyclingDay, March 18, Marine and Environment Care  encourages each person to take on the responsibility of a healthy waste disposal habit.


While the foundation tasks society to cut off single-use plastics, it also acknowledges that people may not do without some other materials from plastics, so they must be used.
However, Marine and Environment Care wants society to know that at the completion of the cycle of use, what happens to materials that are no longer needed becomes very important.
The Foundation advises  that we embrace the healthy environment habit of recycling; recycle everything from used plastic wares to used clothes, furniture etc.
Communities of people can begin quite small by tasking themselves and logging used materials they save for recycling.
For people in Lagos City, Wecyclers offers great service moving from place to place to collect waste materials for recycling purposes.
They pay a token amount if you get waste materials to them for recycling.

But, another beautiful thing is that people can reduce consumption of many things including ensuring not to waste water; don’t leave the water running while you brush your teeth, wash the dishes. 
A reusable bottle for water goes a long way to keeping the environment clean and healthy.


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