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Akinsoji’s thoughts on new training facilities, lecturer capacity building programmes at MAN, Oron

The Rector’s plan and progress (See here) are welcomed and very pleasing development.

At this junction, the family members of the Federal Ministry of Transport, particularly the maritime
transport agencies, should now refer to studies that have indicated that their performances are hampered by insufficient knowledge for the delivery of functions relating to marine transport technical and managerial duties. 

In order to be more productive in service deliveries, a concerted effort should be made to give formal and specialised knowledge to those who are posted to relevant duties.

The knowledge,  skill and experience must not be taken for granted or assumed without assessment of capability in any marine technical and operational post. 
These training needs were envisaged,  not only for sea-going but also for our waterways,  marine equipment operations,  pilotage and good understanding of marine transport technical operation and maintenance. It is for this reason that the Academy was established as a member of the family of the Transport Ministry. 
Over the years maritime transport agencies have sent staff to foreign countries for training that could easily be done in our country at the Academy by collaboration to establish the courses or school of such studies at the Academy thus strengthening our institutional base and developing our infrastructure. 
For example, we were told that NPA bought a simulator recently for the training of pilots,  presumably to establish training within its domain. 

This action is objectionable, NPA as a member of the transport family should have invited the Academy and in collaboration establish a School of Pilotage at the Academy and support the school with the simulator. 
This procedure will allow the Academy to fulfill its national statutory function of training pilots. 

In addition, it will enhance the capacity of the Academy to train all other pilots and vessels’ operators in our waterways thereby enhancing the safety of navigation. 

The pathway of the Academy with the successful initiative and support of the Honourable Minister  should encourage all the family members of the Transport Ministry to search for their training needs and collaborate with the Academy to enable it fulfill its purpose of enhancing the technical and operational human capacity of the maritime industry of our country.
I am aware that other institutions are being established to offer similar courses as the Academy
which in my opinion is to open wider doors for our human capacity development.
Irrespective of this fact,   I am also aware that the establishment of these new institutions is not intended to wish away the already long standing and respected relationship that the Academy has built with UNDP,  IMO and its organs including other bilateral friendly countries. 
Apart from the Academy being an essential link in the chain of our maritime development, it is an established component of our pride in the comity of maritime nations. 

It is therefore a plead for the maritime agencies of the transport ministry to embrace the Academy for mutual benefits that will enhance their capacity for productivity and service
Finally,  the Academy management under Commodore Emmanuel Effedua (Rtd.) is commendable.
He is, however, encouraged to increase his effort in the services to the IOCs and also initiate an enforcement procedure for mandatory training programmes for all the inland waterway vessel operators to enhance safety,  security , pollution control and gainful transport services. 
Olu Akinsoji, a renowned Marine Engineer, has served Nigeria in various capacities including being a Sole Administrator of the Maritime Academy of Nigeria.


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