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Akinsoji’s thoughts on Nigeria’s IMO Council Seat loss

By Olu Akinsoji
Let us as a nation, through the appropriate authorities have a sober reflection on the outcome of the IMO council election. 

In doing this, we should examine carefully the points raised in an article titled ‘IMO Council Seat: Between Illusion and Reality’. 

I don’t know the author, but I respect his views and acknowledge the points raised as substantially valuable to uplift us in the comity of maritime nations.

In addition, it may enhance the administrative processes of IMO instruments compliance, thereby strengthening our capacity for development. 
Let us consider all the points raised in that article, with necessary resources and strong political will to deal with the issues.
In addition, the following outstanding issues should also be equally dealt with:
1. The outcomes of the International Conference on GoG Maritime Security.
2. Comprehensive implementation of the legal instrument on the unlawful acts against maritime navigation in our  territorial waters.
3. Fulfilling effectively our obligations as a regional coordinator of Maritime Search and Rescue,
4. Providing the environment for international fleet development, aim at achieving progressive national tonnage.
5. Train all personnel connected with the implementation of IMO instruments to have deep knowledge on tangible issues and processes.
 6. Strengthen national representative at IMO to be able to participate effectively in the day to day activities of IMO with corresponding effective linkage with the relevant national authorities.
7. Let us monitor our obligations effectively and deal with them accordingly with easily retrievable records.
Above is my humble contribution to this topical issue.
Olu Akinsoji is a marine engineer of great repute. He was a Director General , Government Inspector of Shipping, until his office was merged with the National Maritime Authority to form the safety component of the Nigerian Maritime Administration and Safety Agency. He pioneered the establishment of  the office of the Alternate Permanent Representative of Nigeria to the International Maritime Organisation in the High Commission, London.



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