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Four seafarers kidnapped from Greek Tanker off Togo

Armed pirates have kidnapped four
crew members from a Greece-flagged tanker off the coast of Togo, the Hellenic
Coast Guard confirmed.

The vessel, identified as the 94,143
dwt Elka Aristotle, was boarded by pirates while anchored near the West African
port of Lome on November 4, 2019.

The attack resulted in the kidnapping
of four of the ship’s 24 crew members, according to the coast guard.

“The vessel and remaining crew are
safe,” European Navigation, the vessel’s operator, said in a separate

Of the kidnapped crewmen, one is
Greek, one Georgian and two are Filipino nationals.
“We are doing everything we can to
ensure their prompt and safe release,” the Greek company added.

The Hellenic Coast Guard also said
that the country’s authorities were “closely monitoring” the issue.

The incident occurred only two days
after nine crew members were taken hostage from a bulk carrier off Cotonou,

The anchored vessel was boarded by perpetrators while it was waiting for
berth to discharge cargo.
World Maritime News

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