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Olu Akinsoji’s thoughts on call for more female participation in core maritime careers

It has always been a national policy to encourage female participation in all areas of maritime activities including seafaring.

That policy informed my introduction of female cadets into all the courses at the Maritime Academy of Nigeria twenty two years ago.

Hadiza’s call (see here) is a welcomed development, because if all the heads of maritime agencies embrace that policy more women with formal education and training would by now be in core areas of the maritime activities.
Maritime sustainable economic growth and derivable are substantially dependent on quality services.
With the tender nature of women an enhanced services in the industry would probably be achieved.
My unsolicited advice on this matter is for us to be awakened to the importance of specialised knowledge through training by rigorously encouraging the available specialised institutions of
training in our country.
Let us be more sober and serious at developing our institutional framework. 
Hadiza’s call is commendable.
Olu Akinsoji is a renowned Marine Engineer


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