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Opinion: Why relevant maritime agencies should utilise MAN Oron for human capacity development—Akinsoji

By Olu Akinsoji
It will continue to be my pleasure to know that the Academy now on track remains on track.
It will be more pleasing if all maritime policy executing agencies under the Federal Ministry of Transport will train relevant staff at the Academy.


Utilise the Academy for human capacity development in specialised areas for which the Academy was established.
Let the Agencies embrace the Academy as a tool and an integral member of the team for maritime transport policy executing family.
The chief executive officer of maritime agencies should be able to give account of its agency’s linkage in the utilization of the academy for capacity building to implement policies.
The linkage was a fundamental reason for establishing the Academy in the Transport Ministry.
The current reception, aspiration and effort of the Academy should be an encouragement for renewed effort for optimal utilization of our institutional provisions.
Olu Akinsoji is a Marine Engineer and a former Sole Administrator of the Maritime Academy of Nigeria, Oron, Akwa Ibom.

Note: MAN, Oron has just been re-engineered. Facilities have been upgraded, new structures built and world-class manpower engaged for requisite training.  


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