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US Coast Guard seizes one tonne of cocaine from sea patrols

The crew of the US Coast Guard Sentinel-class cutter
Robert Ward has arrived at its homeport of San Pedro near Los Angeles with
approximately 1.27 tonnes of cocaine seized during patrols in the Eastern
Pacific Ocean.

The cocaine, worth an estimated US$38.5 million, was
seized by the crews of Robert Ward and another coast guard cutter patrolling
the region.
An additional estimated 1.36 tonnes of cocaine, seized
by the crew of Robert Ward in mid-July in the cutter’s first ever drug bust,
was transferred to USCGC Steadfast and brought ashore in San Diego last month
as part of an 11-tonne bulk offload.
The patrols were conducted in known drug transit zones
off of Central and South America.
Baird Maritime.

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