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World Environment Day 2019 “#BeatAirPollution”

Every year on June 5, the World Environment Day is celebrated across the globe. 

The key point in marking the day as a very special one, is the fact that awareness is being created for people to care for their immediate environment by doing something remarkable to maintain a healthy environment.

Ahead of this June 5 WED celebration, the United Nations, in a statement, said almost seven million people die annually from breathing polluted air.

It said that of the global figure of annual deaths recorded from air pollution, 600,000 children are affected.

Sadly, the UN notes that 800 people die daily from results of air pollution , which would have left them battling cancer and other respiratory infections.

In many developing nations, Nigeria inclusive, many people suffer the danger of polluted air right in their homes and outside their homes. 

Within themes for the WED celebration over the time, people are encouraged to do be conscious of
their consumption, to avoid creating more waste in the environment.

The Marina Waterfront , Lagos
Importantly, young children should be taught, and by example from adults, to:
Use eco-friendly
materials; less consumption of one-time usage of plastic packs
Properly dispose of
Turn off electrical
gadgets when leaving home
Turn off running water
taps when not in use
Plant a tree, tend
a garden
At OnepageAfrica, we use this opportunity to appeal to Nigerians generally to show care and concern for the environment by properly disposing of waste, and as much as possible begin to cut down on usage of one-off plastic packs.

We have seen the danger of high consumption of plastic materials and the indiscriminate disposal, resulting in flooding of communities and on several occasions resulting in deaths of children, the old and the weak.

For Lagos, many residents breath polluted air daily as they spend hours in traffic gridlock, which chokes the city at different points.  

Residents also suffer air pollution from generators used for powering electricity both for industrial and home use. 

Bush-burning is common and pollution from gas flaring is common problem in the oil-rich region of the country.

The more we love our environment by treating it right, the more the environment gets friendly
with mankind.
Do something positive for your environment daily.


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