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Switzerland charges Nigeria over detained tanker vessel

Switzerland has dragged Nigeria to the international court over
the detention of a tanker vessel for more than a year and four months.

The ship, crew and cargo have been under detention off Port
The Swiss Foreign Ministry disclosed disclosed in a statement  that it had
since May 21 requested the International Tribunal in charge of the Law of the
Sea to order Nigeria to release the tanker vessel, its crew and cargo.
The tanker vessel was arrested for entering Nigerian waters illegally and
trafficking in diesel
However, the captain of the ship had denied the allegations,
saying he has all papers covering him and the transactions.
Some crew members, except four Ukrainian, have already been
allowed to leave the ship which has capacity for 5,500 tonnes of cargo.
The Swiss Foreign Ministry said the ship and the cargo have been
losing their value, “causing increasing damage to the companies involved.”

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