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Dr. Bertha unveils five books on medical practice, humanity

Consultant Neurologist, Dr. Bertha Ekeh, on Monday had a public presentation of her five books; Clinical Neurology Made Easy, Fundamentals of Neurological Diagnosis, Textbook of Neurology, Mentorship
in Medicine, and Principles of Prosperity.

The book launch event and public lecture on prevention of stroke and dementia took place at the Bartholomew Ebong Entrepreneurial Centre, University of Uyo Annex, Akwa Ibom State.

The unveiling of the books was done after Dr. Ekeh gave her lecture on “Prevention of Stroke and Dementia.’
In her lecture, Ekeh named the symptoms of stroke to include: sudden weakness of one side of the body , sudden shifting of the mouth to one side , sudden loss of consciousness , sudden difficulty or inability to speak , sudden dizziness , sudden inability to see on one side, and sudden staggering or imbalance.
According to her, the symptoms of dementia are: forgetfulness, which she described as the major problem; Forgetting personal items or keeping them in inappropriate places, forgetting familiar persons (names of children and relatives), having difficulty in handling finances, asking the same questions over and over again, difficulty in saying the correct words, difficulty in locating familiar places, difficulty in making plans and carrying them out, as well as wandering and restlessness.
Speaking on the prevention of stroke and dementia, Dr. Ekeh advised on the importance of knowing your numbers; blood pressure, blood sugar, weight, cholesterol, diet modification;  reduce salt, eat fresh fruits, vegetables,  plant oils, non-processed foods, and drink water, drink alcohol in moderation, quit
smoking ,  exercise , reduce sitting for long; stand and move regularly, and  Keep your
brain busy.
Bertha Chioma Ekeh was born in Owerri, Imo State, to parents who were teachers, which made her to develop the passion to teach very early in life.
She studied Medicine and Surgery at the University of Port Harcourt, Nigeria. Thereafter, she went to Jos University Teaching Hospital where she underwent the Residency programme in Internal Medicine with Neurology as a sub-specialty.
She translated her passion to teach into making Neurology easy for medical students, young doctors and residents. Thus she has taught Neurology in several medical schools in Nigeria.
Currently, she is a senior lecturer at the University of Uyo, Nigeria. In addition to teaching Neurology, she is an erudite scholar and an eloquent speaker.
She is a devout Christian, an ardent student of the Holy Bible, and a Sunday school teacher who is passionate about studying and obeying the word of God.


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