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Customs strike force arrests 4, impounds expired tyres worth N480m

Operatives of
the Nigeria Customs Service (NCS) Strike Force has arrested four suspects,
intercepted trucks loaded with expired, pirated jewelries and other smuggled
items worth over N460, 839, 156.35 within the last three months.

Coordinator of the Strike Force, Deputy Comptroller Abdullahi Kirawa, said the
four suspects were arrested in connection with some of the seizures, as result
of false declaration to outright prohibition, and they are presently on
administrative bail, awaiting prosecution.
showcasing the items to newsmen in Lagos over the weekend, Kirawa, said the
seizures were made between January 1 and March 30, 2019 in Zone A, which covers
South-Western Nigeria.
revealed that the other items seized included 304 cartons x 150 packets of
imitation jewelry worth N36.5 million (declared as bead mold), a unit each of
Toyota Avalon (N2.5 million) and MAN Diesel truck (N8.5 million), 1698 pieces
of used tyres (N8.5 million), and 952 cartons of rubber footwear and 140
cartons of rubber soles worth N13.4 million.
were also 400 cartons of HP Desktop and Monitor worth N55.4 million, 562×50
bags of 1kg Indian Rice and 50 bags x 50pcs of 1kg salt worth N59.9 million,
bales of new and old jeans trousers, shirts, ladies’ gowns, belts and handbags,
and bales of upholstery materials, among others.
Kirawa lamented that due to ignorance and unnecessary risk, importers lose
millions of naira to outright seizure of non-contraband simply over false
declaration, rather than honest declaration and payment of right duties.
added: “ More so, by paying the right duties and when do, we are not only
helping ourselves but others by ensuring job creation and employment for our
teeming youths; curbing of crime, as people will be gainfully employed, and
there will be no idle mind, and government gets the required revenue to pursue
its programmes.”
According to him, the pirated
jewelries were “not contraband but can be imported if you pay the correct duty.
It was seized because its importation is contrary to section 46 of CEMA; apart
from being containerised, there is concealment and the entry made was wrong.
is in here is imitation jewelries while the entry made to the customs is mixed
bead mold. The two are quite different, therefore, the person did this to evade
payment of the correct duty and therefore, it is liable to seizure.”
advised all citizens to engage in meaningful ventures, and collaborate with the
agency to keep the country safe and ensure that the due revenue accruable to
the government is collected.
The Sun.

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