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World Water Day 2019: This community is left behind

By Hope Orivri
2019 theme for the World Water Day celebration says “No one is left
behind.” But this is far from being correct when you see the condition of
this community. 

Access to safe water is poor. So,
this little boy(in the video clip) like many others in this community in Urban Lagos,Nigeria, has to come around and sit for hours trying to help themselves to some water from a
dismantled water pipe. 

This is actually common sight in many
other urban communities where young children have to seek for water before they
go to school or when they are back from school.

This leaves concerns if Nigeria and
many other African countries would be able to meet the United Nation’s 2030
Agenda for sustainable development, including access to safe water,
particularly to such informal settlements.

the world water day aims to call attention to the need for safe water supply
and management. Of course, water plays very vital role in the day-to-day
activities of families, as they use water for washing, cooking, bathing and
cleaning the home.

assigned to be marked on March 22, the world water day initiative is meant to
focus on clean water supply without depriving anyone, irrespective of if they
be young or old.

at the provisions of the Sustainable Development Goals #6 “Ensure availability
and sustainable management of water and sanitation for all,” communities should
have access to clean water and sanitation. It is indeed, not the case for this
community where the little boy in the video lives with many others like him.

the SDG #6, goals number #3 and #11 are highly compromised in a situation
where the people lack access to fresh water. Healthy living will be greatly
challenged and the people are obviously not included in the proposed good for
the larger society.

community and many others like it needs help, and your support to them in very
little ways can begin the desired change.

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