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Suspected hoodlums attack Customs anti-smuggling team, injure 2 officers

Two officers of the Nigeria Customs Service Ogun Area Command have suffered serious injuries as suspected hoodlums attacked the anti-smuggling team escorting a vehicle loaded with seized smuggled bags of rice on Friday.

Spokesman of the Command, Abdullahi Maiwada, told newsmen in a statement that the officers were able to control the situation to avoid a degeneration, until help came from sister agencies of government.

He also said that in spite of the provocative hostility, the officers were still able to secure the seized products out of the scene tactically, and avoided any loss of life.
His words: “Our officers restrained themselves by controlling the situation short of using force.
“On the arrival of reinforcement teams from Army, Police, Federal Operations Unit and Command teams, the hoodlums were overpowered, but not before serious injuries were inflicted on two Customs Personnel who are currently responding to treatment in the hospital.”
While normalcy had since been restored with the intervention of reinforcement teams from Customs, Police and Military, three suspects arrested are being interrogated at the Customs Command Headquarters.
The spokesman recalled that “An officer attached to the Command, Inspector of Custom Abdullahi Kuso, was almost lynched at the same location (Papalanto) on 7th July, 2018 by a group of criminals who perceive smuggling as legitimate way of livelihood.”
The command expressed its gratitude to sister agencies and law abiding citizens for assisting it to perform its lawful duty, and vowed to continue carryout its anti-smuggling crusade in spite of unwarranted attacks.
It also sent warning to parents and guardians to ensure their wards desist from obstructing customs operatives performing their legitimate duties in the interest of the nation.
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