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ReCAAP: Piracy and armed robbery incidents lowest in a decade

There was a total of 76
incidents of piracy and armed robbery reported in Asia between January and
December 2018, ReCAAP Information Sharing Centre (ISC) said in its annual

of these, 62 were actual incidents and 14 attempted incidents.

addition, four were incidents of piracy, while 72 were armed robbery
against ships.
informed, this represents a decrease of 25% in the total number of incidents
and a 31% decrease in actual incidents compared to 2017.
is more, this marks the lowest number of incidents since ReCAAP ISC began
keeping records in 2007.
“While ReCAAP ISC welcomes the recent
downward trend in the number of incidents of piracy and sea robbery in Asia, we
urge the law enforcement/regulatory authorities and shipping industry to
continue the vigilance and cooperation that has led to the decrease,” 
Kuroki, Executive Director of ReCAAP ISC, said.
“In Asia, more than 90% of the incidents
are armed robbery against ships, which occur in territorial waters of the
Coastal States. Therefore, the ownership and efforts of the Coastal States
in deterring, detecting, and apprehending perpetrators is vital in reducing the
number of incidents in Asia, as are the vigilance and preventive measures by
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