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Pirates kidnap 11 Crew from Boxship off Nigeria

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Pirates boarded
a containership and seized 11 crew members off Nigeria early on October

The vessel in question is the MV Pomerenia Sky, operated by
Germany’s Peter Dohle Schiffahrts.
The ship’s management company and Polish Ministry of Foreign
Affairs confirmed the incident, saying that eight of the kidnapped crew are
of Polish nationality.
 Media reports suggest that two Filipinos and
one Ukrainian were also among the taken seafarers.
The attack
reportedly occurred some 60 km off the coast of Nigeria on the
fairway to the port of Bonny. 
At the time, the vessel was on its way from
Luanda, Angola to Nigerian port of Onne.
(IOM) Ltd informed that nine crew members remained on board the containership
and were unharmed, according to Reuters. 
The company added that the vessel
proceeded to safe waters.
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