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Pirates board Maersk Newbury in Ecuador Waters

containership Maersk Newbury was boarded by pirates while transiting under
pilot at Guayaquil River in Ecuador on October 2, 2018. 

The master alerted the local authorities when he sighted the
presence of unauthorized persons on board, Asian piracy watchdog ReCAAP
ICC informed.
One of the crew members was assaulted by the robbers and sustained
a small cut on his forehead. The crew managed to escape and hide in the
forecastle store.
After the robbers realized that they had been discovered, they
left the 2,556 TEU ship.
The Ecuador Coast Guard (ECG) conducted a search, finding no
perpetrators on board. The injured crew was given first-aid treatment, and the
ship resumed its voyage.
There were no injuries to the remaining crew members and no items
were stolen, ReCAAP added.
Built in South Korea in 2001, Maersk Newbury is owned by Danish
shipping giant Maersk.
Previously known as Caroline Schulte, the ship was attacked by
pirates also in October 2006, according to information provided by
VesselsValue. Back then, eight robbers came alongside the ship, at port side,
and one robber boarded, while the ship was at anchor off the South Atlantic
Ocean. After the alarm was raised, the robber escaped.
 World Maritime News.

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