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Bunker spills after RoRo rams into anchored containership

A bunker spill has been reported after
Tunisian Ro-Ro ship Ulysses crashed into Cyprus-flagged containership CLS
Virginia on Sunday morning, October 7, while the boxship was anchored about 28
kilometres north-west of Cape Corsica.

Fortunately, there have been no injuries to
the crew members of either vessel.
Initial assessment indicates that CLS
Virginia sustained significant damage to its starboard side from the impact.
Namely, the ship’s hull has been ruptured
resulting in a hole of several meters, according to a statement from the
Maritime Prefecture of the Channel and the Mediterranean.
The ship’s fuel tanks have been breached by
the impact, causing a fuel spill. The French maritime authorities said that an
oil strip of around 4 kilometres in length and a few hundred meters in width
has been detected. The strip is floating in the direction of the Corsica’s
On the other hand, the operator of the
ferry, Tunisian CTN, informed that Ulyssis was in a good condition.
The company added it was closely monitoring
the situation and damage assessment, and that it would resort to legal action
to secure the ship and the transported cargo.
Several ships have been dispatched to the
scene to contain the pollution. Assistance has also been offered by Italy as
part of the Ramogepol accord between France, Italy and Monaco to act jointly in
cases of maritime pollution.
A plan is yet to be confirmed on the
separation of the two ships and further action.
An investigation into the cause of the
incident is underway.
World Maritime News

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