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Amaechi urges Union of African Shippers’ Council to proffer solutions to high freight rates

The  Honourable Minister of Transportation, Rotimi Amaechi(Right) and the Executive Secretary of the Nigerian Shippers’ Council, BArrister HAssan Bello, at the sub-regional workshop organised by the the Nigerian Shippers’ Council and the Union of African Shippers’ Council in Abuja

The Honorable Minister of Transportation, Mr. Rotimi
Amaechi, on Tuesday charged the Union of African Shippers’ Council (UASC) to
urgently review issues pertaining to high freight rates in the region and to proffer
workable solutions.

Minister spoke on the occasion of the sub-regional workshop and Joint Standing
Committee Meeting of  the UASC holding in
Abuja and organised by the Nigerian Shippers’ Council and the Union of African
Shippers’ Councils
Directing his statement to the UASC, the minister said: “re-appraise and proffer workable solutions to matters relating
to negotiations on freight rates, transport costs, port charges and other
issues affecting transportation of cargo in the region
He said the review would be necessary considering that
high freight rates, arbitrary imposition of surcharges constituted trade
barriers in Nigeria as well as in West and Central African countries, posing obstacle
to the development of international trade in the region.

Amaechi said that the great economic potentials in the sub-region especially in
the maritime sector must be harnessed and exploited through concerted efforts
and collaboration of member states for the sustainable growth of national

is our fervent hope that in the challenging trading climate, UASC members would
strive for greater meaningful dialogue with trading partners, providers and
users of shipping services, as well as other key stakeholders in the maritime
supply chain.
It would assist in alignment
of stakeholders’ interests leading to the development of more efficient and
sustainable maritime supply chains and shipping services
,” he
The minister expressed the willingness of the Federal Government of Nigeria to adopt the resolutions and
communiqué reached at the workshop and the meeting and implement them for the
benefit of all stakeholders in the trade and transport industry.

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