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Dakuku upholds continental collaboration as key to maritime development

…IMO, AU partner
AAMA as 4th conference commences in EGYPT

The Chairman of the
Association of African Maritime Administrations AAMA, Dr Dakuku Peterside has
restated the place of continental collaboration to grow the African maritime

This was the thrust of his message as he arrived Sharm El Sheik,
Egypt for the 4
th conference of Association of African Maritime
Administration, (AAMA) where participants from 38 countries from Africa would be
joined by maritime stakeholders from Singapore, Jamaica, Malaysia and the
United Kingdom amongst others to deliberate on how to grow the maritime
industry on the continent.
Dakuku noted that the role of African Maritime
Administration in building human and infrastructural capacities
the Menace of Piracy and Maritime Crimes in Africa, Regional Initiatives for
sustainable exploitation of maritime resources, will be part of the issues that
will be deliberated during the five day event which has the theme
 “Protecting The African Marine Environment To
Support Sustainable Development.”
According to the
AAMA Chairman, “Africa is the market yet to be unveiled, the maritime sector of
Africa deserves its rightful place because if you look at the cargo generated
from the continent and the cargo that heads to Africa you will know that the
African maritime sector has come off age and there is the need for us to come
as a bloc to negotiate issues of development of our sector when it comes to
international maritime politics.”

the commencement of the AAMA conference, The International Maritime
Organization, IMO  and the African Union have affirmed their
readiness to support AAMA in their quest to combat security challenges, and
build human capacity to implement, monitor and enforce international

The chief executive of Maritime and
Port Authority of Singapore, Andrew Tan who is already in Egypt, commended the
Dr Dakuku  led executive members of AAMA for engaging other maritime
administrations across the globe in their quest to develop maritime Africa.

“ We are delighted to share
knowledge with African maritime leaders- he said, we are ready to partner AAMA
in its quest to grow the African maritime sector which will know will rub off
on the industry in totality,” he said.

members at the 3rd AAMA conference with the theme 

Sustainable Use of Africa’s Oceans and Seas, 
to develop and adopt Near-Coastal Trading, Certification and Competency Code
for mutual recognition of certificates that will reduce/eliminate contentions
by Port State Control Inspectors.

were also encouraged to re-enforce regional cooperation and coordination,
enhance information sharing and regulatory governance among members to combat
the menace of piracy and other maritime crimes while maintaining a balance
between security and the facilitation of global tr

Dr. Dakuku Peterside, NIMASA DG was
elected   Chairman of AAMA  in 2017 with Eleven (11)
members’ executive committee comprising of representatives of Central Africa
(Cameroun & Cape
Verde), West Africa (Cote D’Ivoire & Ghana), East
Africa (Tanzania & Comoros), Southern Africa (Mozambique and South Africa),
orth Africa (Egypt & Sudan) and Uganda
representing Land-locked countries.
It is noteworthy
that the African Union (A.U.) special summit of heads of government on maritime
security, safety and development in Lome, Togo, 15th October, 2016 aligned with
the IMO to reinforce the role of maritime in the development of the African

They adopted a Charter on Maritime Security, Safety and Development
aimed at making Africa’s maritime space the key driver of the continent’s
socio-economic development. This document was endorsed by 43 out of 54 African
The Association of
African Maritime Administrators (AAMA), inspired by African Union maritime
transport charter provides stakeholders in maritime sector, a platform to give
effect to the various charters adopted by African heads of government whether
AIM 2050, Agenda 2063  or the Lome charter. 

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