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World’s 1st ocean cleanup system launched

The Dutch non-profit organization, The Ocean Cleanup,
launched the world’s first ocean cleanup system from the San Francisco Bay on
September 8.

cleanup system, named System 001, is heading to a location 240 nautical miles
offshore for a two-week trial before continuing its journey toward the Great
Pacific Garbage Patch, 1,200 nautical miles offshore, to start the cleanup.
001 is being towed from the San Francisco Bay by the vessel Maersk Launcher,
provided to the project by Danish Maersk Group and DeepGreen, its current
charter holder.
system consists of a 600-meter-long U-shaped floating barrier with a
three-meter skirt attached below. The system is designed to be propelled by
wind and waves, allowing it to passively catch and concentrate plastic debris
in front of it. Due to its shape, the debris will be funnelled to the center of
the system. Moving slightly faster than the plastic, the system will act like a
giant Pac-Man, skimming the surface of the ocean.
system will be deployed in the Great Pacific Garbage Patch, the world’s largest
accumulation zone of ocean plastics. Situated halfway between Hawaii and
California, the patch contains 1.8 trillion pieces of plastic, and covers an
area twice the size of Texas.
Ocean Cleanup said that it the first plastic could be collected and returned to
land within 6 months after deployment. This will mark the first time that free
floating plastic will have been successfully collected at sea. After returning
the plastic to land, The Ocean Cleanup plans to recycle the material into
products and use the proceeds to help fund the cleanup operations.
successful, and if the funding is available, The Ocean Cleanup aims to scale up
to a fleet of approximately 60 systems focused on the Great Pacific Garbage
Patch over the next two years. 
The Ocean Cleanup projects that the full fleet
can remove half of the plastic in the Great Pacific Garbage Patch within five
years’ time. This is in line with The Ocean Cleanup’s ultimate goal: reducing
the amount of plastic in the world’s oceans by at least 90% by 2040.
World Maritime News.

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