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CCA showcases ‘Connecting Deep’ at 10th anniversary

The Centre for
Contemporary Art (CCA), Lagos will be presenting an ambitious new installation
work by acclaimed Nigerian artist Ngozi Omeje, as part of its 10th year
anniversary celebration programme.

CCA disclosed in a statement in Lagos that the exhibition would run from Sept. 8 till
Nov. 9, to be curated by Bisi Silva  and supported by Iheanyi Onwuegbucha.
unique presentation entitled Connecting Deep,  – her largest to date and
her first solo exhibition, explores the elephant – a symbol of strength as well
as gentleness – as a metaphor to articulate personal experiences specifically
that of a departed yet key family member – her father. 


Ceramic artist Ngozi Omeje has over the years shifted her
practice from utilitarian ceramics using the potter’s wheel to using techniques
of pinching, tying, wrapping and hanging to manipulate and experiment with
This shift in technique opened up vistas and limitless artistic freedom
of expression.
current works are configured with globular clay units, clay rings, strings and
savaged flip flops from and around Nsukka. These, she uses to accentuate her
place in her immediate socio-cultural context, creating the paradox of hope and


Her current body of works is a profound reflection on an often
ignored reality of human existence: the frailty of life. Using terracotta
pieces suspended with strings, she entraps our consciousness on a sober path of
this exhibition, the artist creates a single installation piece that engages
the audience as co-creators. However, she invites her audience to participate
not in building up of the work, but in a performative tearing down – a coup de


Ngozi-Omeje Ezema graduated from the Department of Fine and
Applied Arts, University of Nigeria, Nsukka in 2005, where she also obtained a
Masters of Fine Arts degree in ceramics. Among other international projects,
she was a resident artist in Sevshoon Art Centre, Seattle, USA, 2010 where she
created the ‘Think Tea, Think cup’ art piece as a permanent installation at the
has been selected for Saatchi START Art Fair 2018 and is also involved in the
ongoing 60
th Faenza
Biennale Prize in Italy, 2018. 
Her Ceramic installation ‘Imagine Jonah II’ was part of the First International Biennale in Central
China and 
‘In My Garden there are Many Colours II’ –First West African Art Fair (ART X), Lagos, 2016. She
also participated in “Le Pinceau De L’Integration” in Senegal, during the Dakar
Biennale, 2016. Ngozi Omeje currently lives and works in Nsukka where she is
also a lecturer of ceramics at the University of Nigeria.

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