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Countdown to Ocean Cleanup begins

On September 8, The Ocean
Cleanup foundation will launch the world’s first ocean cleanup system from its
assembly yard in Alameda, through the San Francisco Bay, toward the infamous
Great Pacific Garbage Patch.

As informed, the assembly of System 001 will be finalized on
August 30, after which it will be lowered into the Seaplane Lagoon.
In the evening of September 7, the system will be transferred
from the lagoon to make new tow with Maersk Supply Service’s AHTS, Maersk
Launcher, at Anchorage 8. 
A second vessel will be fixed to the aft of System
001 to maintain a stable position.
From there, the system will be towed to the Pacific Ocean,
passing near the Bay Bridge, Treasure Island, Alcatraz and the Golden Gate Bridge.

Apart from the towing and installation, Maersk Supply Service
will also monitor the cleanup system.
The Great Pacific Garbage Patch is located 1,200 nautical
miles off the coast of San Francisco.
In the long-term, the foundation plans to install at least 60
systems to remove 50% of the 80,000 tons of plastic in the Great Pacific
Garbage Patch within five years.
 World Maritime News

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