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Tanker Hazards: NRC calls for patronage of its Tank Wagons for movement of petroleum products

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The Nigerian Railway Corporation (NRC) on Monday called on petroleum product
dealers and companies to patronise the corporation’s tank wagons in lifting
their products.

Mr. Fidet Okhiria, Managing Director, NRC, made the plea
while addressing newsmen in Lagos.

He said that so many truck-related hazards
would be eliminated with effective rail transport. 

Okhiria spoke against the
backdrop of the tanker explosion, which occurred on Otedola Bridge at Ojodu
Berger Area on June 28, where several persons reportedly lost their lives and

The managing director said that 20 fully loaded petroleum tank
wagons would take 20 petroleum tanker trucks off the road in a day. 

boss, who noted that the corporation was not getting enough patronage from
petroleum dealers, said that the 40 tank wagons of the NRC were lying idle at
the corporation’s head office in Lagos. 

“When the liberalisation of the
petroleum sector began, we planned ahead that we will be lifting petroleum
products if we get customers. So we decided to buy petroleum tank wagons. 
the first year, we bought 20 tank wagons. In the second year, we bought another
20. “However, we didn’t get the expected patronage from the petroleum
companies, maybe because many of them had invested heavily on trucks to carry
their products by road,” he said. 

According to him, a company recently
approached the corporation to help move petroleum products from Apapa to
Oshogbo, adding that the tank wagons have been lying idle since they were

The director, who said that many of the tanker fire incidents were
needless, urged petroleum dealers to encourage government’s investments in tank

 “If only we can do what is right, such accidents like the one that
happened around Ojodu Berger would not be happening in this country.

petroleum tanker trucks on the roads means likelihood of such accidents

“We are not saying we are the best. But we need to work together
with the petroleum companies and dealers, to reduce the hazards of moving
petroleum products in the country. 
“We can even allow them to buy their own
tank wagons, if they don’t have faith in our own, and we will allow them access
to use our rail tracks. 

“With stories of petroleum pipelines being vandalised
here and there, movement of petroleum products by rail remains the safest
approach,’’ Okhiria said. 

When asked if the 40 tank wagons bought by the NRC
were enough to meet the demands of the petroleum dealers, the NRC boss said
that safety should be the priority. 
He added that if the ones available were
being utilised, government would have bought more. 
“Although we cannot meet the
demands of the petroleum dealers because we only have 40 product tank wagons,
but if patronised, we can reduce the hazards on the highway. 

“The best we can
do for now is two trips a day, that is 20 tank wagons for a company and the
other 20 tank wagons for another oil company.

 “In terms of security, rail is
safer because the tracks are on earth and the wagon are all air brakes.” (NAN)

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