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Women, make-overs and much ado about age and looks!

Women treasure good looks and would make efforts to remain youthful! But good and youthful looks don’t come easy. It demands a lot of physical ‘panel beating’ and hard discipline in eating habits and lifestyle.

Again, this has ‘loads of factors’ that determine the success of the goal to be achieved.

For some women who are considered rich, they prefer to take the short-cuts by opting for the surgeon’s knife; cutting off the belly flabs and trimming excess fat from the laps. The breasts are carefully touched to ensure firm and youthful looks. Lol!

To get that beautiful facial look  as trends demand, the face is subjected to a lot of ‘reconstructions’; high cheek bones, wide  eyes, straight nose and  thin lips. Many thanks to technology, women can now make a choice of the kind of ‘curves’ they want, and  for the assorted styles and types of hair pieces, it is theirs for the asking so long as they can afford to  spend so much to maintain their good looks and appear youthful too.

But if beauty is creative style, then the African woman needs not worry, if only she would consider spending more time and creativity on the traditional African woven hairstyles.

Those who are not very buoyant financially, yet, want to keep in shape with good looks, they opt for their category of choices; tommy bands are available everywhere to the rescue. All other areas are well packaged to suite whatever looks they desire to achieve.

Among this category of women, cosmetics are handy to seal up the deal! When they can’t afford those expensive hair pieces, they go for alternatives, but they do good to tone their skin colours every now and again.

The price paid for all these ‘body reconstruction’ in the name of beauty is big. For those who get their desired results, it is worth the efforts; for those who get their fingers burnt in the act( skin bleaching), they remain with ‘burnt’ faces and look worse than when they had not embarked on the journey to becoming beautiful.

While some lose precious live due to complications from the ‘reconstruction’, others live with the pains.

All that said, it is rewarding to know the open-secret that women can look their best making disciplined adjustments in lifestyle.

It is the regular list of taking on different exercises daily, eating loads of assorted fruits, consuming more water than carbonated drinks, having enough rest and sharing a burden with someone who could listen and respond with care.

It is also true that looking good has a lot to do with how you feel about yourself.

For those who believe that it has more to do with trend, they will never be able to define beauty within what makes them comfortable.



  1. Unknown says

    It is better and safer to remain natural.it is better to burn up those fat by excercising regularly instead of risking one's life thru surgry.

  2. onepageafrica says

    I agree with Onome. But I think that people just have the problem of wanting to follow society trends, which may not really be the best health-wise. Thanks for sharing.

  3. Eya Ayambem says

    Deborah, your last sentence makes a whole lot of sense "For those who believe that it has more to do with trend, they will never be able to define beauty within what makes them comfortable." I agree!

    Lol at women using tommy bands. Only God can help us o.

  4. onepageafrica says

    Yes o dear friend. May we look good naturally, so the younger ones can have good models to look up to!

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