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Customs Command seeks stakeholders’ cooperation on NICIS 11 for enhanced trade

CAC MMA Command, Jayne Shoboiki,

The Nigeria Customs Service, Murtala Mohammed Airport (MMA)
Command has urged Stakeholders to embrace the new Customs clearing process;
Nigerian Integrated Customs Information System 11
(NICIS 11) that was launched in the Command by the Technical Team
Unit Abuja on the 28
th of May 2018.

With the introduction of this NICIS 11 platform at the MMA
Command, the Customs Area Controller, Mrs Jayne Shoboiki, enjoined stakeholders
in the Command to cooperate with the Nigeria Customs Service as the upgraded
platform would improve the clearance processes and facilitate regional trade
using Nigeria as a hub for goods in transit to other countries. 

Mrs Shoboiki noted with concern the teething problems
stakeholders were faced with at the initial stage, and implored them to bear
with the system as the technical team unit from Abuja and Webb Fontaine were
still around to resolve all the initial problems and put stakeholders through.

While thanking all Stakeholders for their usual understanding
and corporation, the CAC wishes to inform them that she has met with the
terminal operators and sought their understanding in the area of demurrages, as
all necessary measures had been put in place to resolve all challenges.

Remarkably, the NICIS
is an upgraded version of NICIS that
is made up of the ASYCUDA++ processing and risk management system. Those
incorporated into the NICIS system include modules for E-Manifest, E-payment, an
electronic form ‘M’, Risk Assessment Reports (RARs) now Pre Arrival Access
Report (PAAR) and Passenger Baggage Entry Declaration.

One of the huge benefits of NICIS is its ability to interface
with other Government Agencies and Private Stakeholders who are still working
toward upgrading their systems in ways conducive to eventual creation of fully
integrated e-trade platform.
However, NICIS 11 has
an increased automation, with increased use of Risk Management and reduced rate
of physical examination of goods

NICIS 11 has the capacity of streamlining
clearance by introducing a Trade Portal Manager (TPM) used by Traders to
capture declaration from any point with their Phones, Ipads, and Laptops etc and an automatic triggering of release after payment. 

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