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P Diddy sets to offer $1m contract to little boy in H&M Advert

Credit: The Source
Reports state that Diddy, founder and CEO of
Sean John, will offer $1 million contract to the little boy from the H&M

The renowned retail company began the new year off on the wrong foot. They
released an ad of a Black child in a monkey sweatshirt. Since Monday, the company
has lost two of its biggest endorsor.
Puff Daddy joined the conversation immediately, posting on
Instagram a re-mixed version of the ad where the young child’s shirt swaps out
“monkey” for the more accurate description “king”. 
 Other artists have
taken to social media to express their outrage. Both disgusted and disappointed
following the ad, The Weeknd and G-Eazy have
pulled their support from H&M.

The Source. 
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