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NNPP effects constitutional amendment, reconstitutes NEC

Party Executives during the New Nigeria People’s Party Convention which held at the weekend in Lagos.
The New Nigeria People’s Party (NNPP) at
the weekend during its National Convention in Lagos amended its constitution to
extend the tenure of its officers from two to five years, for the party to key
into the obtainable practice with regards to tenure of office of party

The Party also reconstituted its
National Executive Committee (NEC) and mandated it to run the party affairs for
another five years as provided in its amended constitution.

A cross section of NNPP members during its convention in Lagos at the weekend.

Giving his address during the
convention, the National Chairman of the party, Chief Dr. Boniface Aniebonam, said
his party is poised to take the lead in the call to chart a new course for the
Nigerian nation.
He charged party members to be
dedicated to the cause of the party in order to see it grow and not stagnated.
He said: “Now is the time for those who
want to be with the party and its ideals to redouble their efforts at raising
the bar for a more vibrant and well focused party.
“The point being canvassed here is that
the time for those who want to drag our great party backwards is over. Everyone
must gird their loins and put their hands on the deck to do what is right and
proper for the party.”
He, however, commended the efforts of the
Bauchi State Chapter of the Party for its commitment to propagating the party
 Aniebonam said: “I must first and foremost
commend the Bauchi State Chapter for their tremendous efforts at galvanizing
the party to a new height. The leadership of the party in Bauchi state has
shown commitment and zeal in propagating the ideals of the New Nigeria People’s
Party (NNPP).”
In that vein, he called on other State
Chapters to replicate the same commitment as the Bauchi State Chapter.
Aniebonam used the opportunity to
admonish those who struggle for executive positions in the party simply for
pecuniary reasons, and basically for their selfish interests rather than use
such funds for the development of the party.
He said: “I cannot go on without
telling us about certain shortcomings we have noticed in so many of our states,
the way they are carrying on with the affairs of the party.
“It would seem as if so many executives
in the states are rather more interested in holding positions they use to make
pecuniary demands and gains from the state government where they are.
“More worrisome is the fact that even
when such pecuniary gains are given to them, they use the money for their
personal enrichment without putting at least some of such monies into the
development and growth of the party.”
He called attention to his financial efforts at ensuring that the party
offices both in Lagos and Abuja were maintained, as well as efforts at ensuring
that the party was not deregistered by the Independent National Electoral
Commission(INEC)when many other parties were deregistered.
Aniebonam advised party members to
ensure they play roles that add value to the party, adding that membership of
the party remain voluntary and not by force.
“Party membership is voluntary and as
such none is compelled to remain in a great party if such a person is keen to
be the spoiler or working at cross purposes with the leadership of the party,”
he said.
Speaking on the call for restructuring  Nigeria, Aniebonam said the party has its
voice in the ongoing debate on how Nigerian can make remarkable progress as a
people because according to him: “ It is an open secret that our country is not
making progress because of its current structure. So, now is the time for us to
do something about the present structure.”

Besides the adoption of the amendment
of the party constitution and the inauguration of the reconstituted NEC
members, the party gubernatorial aspirant for the forth-coming Anambra State
election in November 2017, was declared.
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