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MWUN wants former Union President, Ukaumunna arrested over secretariat invasion

The Maritime Workers Union of Nigeria (MWUN) on Thursday called on the Federal Government
and security operatives concerned with the ports operations to arrest a former President General of the Union, Mr  Uzoije Ukaumunna.
Mr Tony Nted,the President General of the Union, made the call while reacting to the invasion of
the secretariat on Tuesday by persons alleged to have been sent by the former union leader, Ukaumunna.
Nted told our correspondent in an interview in Lagos that the government should take necessary actions to stop such activities that threaten the peace of the union and the industry in general.
“We are calling on the government to do something immediately to apprehend Ukaumunna and the so-called Maurice Fangnon, because they violated court order and another is that they wanted to pull down the maritime workers union national secretariat, because they came with acid, guns, cutlasses, and all are with the Police.”
“As far as I am concerned, those guys that invaded the secretariat of the union are not dockworkers rather they are miscreants who are being contracted by Uzoije Ukaumunna and Maurice Fangnon, but we knew their mission, “Nted added.
“Ukaumunna is the person that contacted those gangs because they initially called for a meeting but we said no to that meeting and that is why we are still waiting for what the law enforcement agencies will do.”
It would be recalled that some persons had on Tuesday invaded the secretariat of the union in a protest alleged to have been arranged by the Ukaumunna.
While the invasion lasted, the union called in security operatives who arrested some of the protesters as confirmed by Nted in this interview.
Nted said the union had thus far tolerated the activities of the former president general against it solely because it did not want to take laws into its hands, but warned that the union could do well to stop him.
He said it was on the ground of a responsible union that he wanted the government to take the necessary actions to avoid a breakdown of order.
Bearing the apprehension in the industry after the invasion, Nted called for calm, even as he advised that terminal operators become more security conscious at their respective areas of operation.
He also asked that the Nigerian Ports Authority (NPA) alive to the responsibility of ensuring the ports were secured against such invasion by any group.
“We ask the terminal operators to beef up security in all their areas of operations.
“We also ask the Nigerian Ports Authority to take care of the ports as well, because they manage the oversight function and they know who Ukaumunna is.
“We are also talking to the terminal operators not to be apprehensive of anything because the maritime workers union is ready to protect the industry through the law enforcement agents,” he said.
According to the President General,  the dockworkers  are on course and confident that there
will be total peace





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