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ill-fated ship, El Faro’s final inspection found no mechanical or structural issues

The final inspection of the ill-fated
cargo ship, El Faro did not show any signs of mechanical or structural
issues, the latest round of hearings held by the U.S. Coast Guard Marine
Board of Investigation revealed, according to

On the fourth day
of the hearings, the board listened to a testimony from a surveyor
with the American Bureau of Shipping, Mark Larose, who inspected the vessel
some three months before its final voyage.
He said that,
during the inspection conducted in June 2015, the 20 percent of the
ship which was inspected that year did not show any mechanical or structural
issues, adding that they only inspect 20 percent of a ship each year over
a 5-year period.
Larose further said
that if he had noticed any issues during the inspection, he would
have reported those to the Coast Guard immediately.
Previous hearings
held in the second round of the Coast Guard’s investigation revealed
that the US-flagged cargo ship received outdated weather
 before it
encountered Hurricane Joaquin. Furthermore, the former El Faro master,
Capt. Jack Hern, earlier testified that he had raised concerns over the ship’s
, citing water integrity-issues, wear on hatches and
boilers that often needed maintenance as key vulnerabilities.
On May 16,
the board listened to the testimony of Captain Eric Bryson, who helped
launch the El Faro on its final voyage, as he testified that the ship’s captain
had said that he planned
to avoid the storm
in the Caribbean, which led to the loss of
the vessel and its 33 crew members near the Bahamas on October 1, 2015.
The second round of
hearings into the loss of El Faro, which was launched by the Coast Guard
Marine Board of Investigation on Monday, is set to last until May 27.

Source: World
Maritime News.
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