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IMO to introduce global CO2 data collection

The IMO Marine Environment Committee
(MEPC) has taken steps towards the adoption of a global CO
2 data
collection system.

Once the amendment to the MARPOL
Convention enters into force, all ships over 5,000GT will be required to
provide information on CO2 emissions via their flag states.
The International Chamber of Shipping
(ICS) said that once the system is adopted, IMO Member States will be in a
better position to consider the development of additional CO2 reduction
measures and respond to the Paris Agreement on climate change.
“Most of the details have been agreed,
including the important fact that CO2 reporting will be
mandatory. We are confident that the IMO system will be fully adopted at the
next MEPC meeting in October,” said ICS Secretary General, Peter Hinchliffe.
The IMO will now have to persuade the
European Union to adjust its unilateral regulation on the reporting and
verification of individual ship emissions to make it compatible with what has
now been agreed at IMO.
“While this may be an uphill struggle, we
have been encouraged by the constructive attitude taken by EU member states
this week, as well as those other nations that initially had concerns about the
decision to make the IMO system mandatory,” added Hinchliffe.
Credit: Baird Maritime
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