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Love old Lagos!


No matter the time that has past, Lagosians know how to liven up memory of this lovely city, such
as this.
Sing, wriggle, love Lagos, live happy!

Outside this kind of performance at such places as the National Theatre, reminiscent of the old

Lagos, people get a feel of the city in other hangout zones like the Freedom Park and pockets of

An old-time friend, Nebi, insisted we visited the old film house in Ikoyi, which we did. The experience is one for the flip side of the page.
Don’t worry so much, but I know for sure that I enjoyed the ‘agidi ati moin-moin in Obalende.
I also noticed that some landmarks hadn’t completely changed in Obalende because my eyes captured where my thoughts were.
But the city is fast losing one of the best treasures we enjoyed, ‘neighbourliness.’
 It had become a pack of paradoxes; one who wants to share love and friendship has no one to give to, while others who are hungry for, are still searching for where to find them.
Titilope promised to share the secret and I look forward to it.
Lagosians(People who live in Lagos).
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