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Tribute To A Loving Mother –Mrs Mary Oyoyo Ozah

My mother passed away peacefully in her sleep on April 21, 2015.
She had lived an active life and did not want to remain weighed down in illness.
She was never known for being ill, apart from common colds, which never tied her down. She loved to be alive and strong.
When I came in to take another look at her while she had passed away, I saw just how beautiful she was, not just in looks but in the strength that she exuded.
Born 65 years ago to the Ofie family in Irri Town, Isoko South Local Government Area of Delta State, she enjoyed the warmth of her family with an only older sister.
She was a caring, wise, diligent and virtuous woman; she never lost focus of any goal she had set to attain.
Early in life, she learned the practical principles of trade from her mother and her peers respected her for her hardworking nature and business acumen.
 She was intelligent and gave high attention to the smallest details and kept a mental record of everything that happened in her family; she was good at telling the exact dates and time of past events however long ago.
My mother was a great teacher and a wonderful home-keeper. She made endless sacrifices for her immediate and larger family members just as she did for everyone who got close to her.
The ‘teacher’ in her did not give room for her children to have ‘lazy mornings’. She ensured that everyone was up and doing and each person took responsibility for an identifiable chore.
She tried her hands on difference trade and was never afraid of failure; she was quick to move on whenever she saw that she was stuck at a venture. She believed that only laziness caused a person to give excuses for non-performance.
She often recalled memorable moments of her growing up years with her peers when they practiced new songs for the choir at the local congregation of the CMS Church and ‘Hosanna in the highest’ was one of her best-loved songs.
She was laid to rest on June 5, 2015 in Irri Town, Isoko- South LGA of Delta State.
We, however, have found it so difficult to love and want her enough; indeed, we miss our loving
parents, who have left us to be with their maker.
Goodnight Mamoo. Goodnight Papoo.  We cannot stop thinking about you!- Children


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