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Maritime lawyer advocates laws to promote indigenous, international shipping

Barrister Osuala Nwagbara
A maritime lawyer, Mr Osuala Nwagbara, has called on the Federal Government
to enact laws that will promote both indigenous and international shipping.

Nwagbara made the call in an interview in Lagos .
“Nigeria needs the kind of laws that will promote indigenous shipping in
the true sense of it.
“I am not talking about cabotage; indigenous shipping goes beyond that;
indigenous shipping would go beyond cabotage.
“How do you promote Nigerian-built ship, Nigerian-manned ship,
Nigerian-owned ship?
“How do you promote the acquisition of that ship beyond `I will give you
money’. Nobody gives money these days.
“We need laws that will promote the establishment of shipyards in Nigeria
by giving incentives; by giving tax holidays.
“You have such laws in the Philippines, where companies abroad are
attracted into Philippines. They set up industries. They give tax holidays and
monitor them.
“We need laws that will promote international shipping. International
shipping will involve building ships that we cannot build here, abroad and
using them to trade world-wide.“
The maritime lawyer also said that, when enacted, such laws should provide
sanctions for lawbreakers to ensure strict adherence to the laws guiding

Nwagbara underscored the need for the Nigerian Shippers’ Council, Nigerian
Ports Authority, and the Nigerian Maritime Administration and Safety Agency to
work closely and come up with the appropriate laws. 
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