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Mariner calls for improved security on Nigerian waterways

Peter Onwordi, a marine engineer and ship surveyor, has blamed insecurity on
waterways for low shipping operations and commercial fishing in Nigeria.

said this in an interview on Thursday in

ports services are reluctant going to the Eastern ports because of security
“And this
security factor could be taken care of by the Nigerian Navy, not NIMASA.
responsibility of maritime security is domiciled with the Nigerian Navy.
“But the
platforms must be there first of all; the platform to patrol the water front,
the sea lane of communication.
since the platforms have been decayed and out of use, the service is now trying
to replenish or refurbish and replace them but not enough.
vessels, arms and men on board to patrol the terrain; these are what you give,
and give the fishermen, the fishing boats, the shippers, the ship owners
confidence that yes, Navy is ever at sea day and night.
nowadays we hear of pirates attacking vessels, attacking fishing trawlers
because the patrol vessels are not enough and available as at when needed.’’
stressed the need for the Navy to have new platforms to make its presence felt
on the waterways, saying that such presence would also boost shipping
mariner said that increase in casualties during marine accidents was often due
to the non-availability of support vessels.
to him, the first rescue usually comes from nearby ships when accidents happen
and not necessarily search and rescue operational ships.

called for an effective monitoring that would boost security on waterways.
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