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Expert wants freight forwarders to update practice knowledge

 Chief Lexzy Nwangwu, the President,
African Freight Forwarders Association, has called on freight
forwarders to boost their knowledge of the practice to match international

Nwangwu in an interview in Lagos said that
the practitioners must embrace further training due to new areas incorporated
in freight forwarding.

“Freight forwarding industry in Nigeria
is growing. I am seeing freight forwarding in Nigeria, a practice that if care
is not taken, if you did not go to school, you will not be able to get jobs.
“You see, when we talk about freight
forwarding, it is not just customs brokerage. It is just one aspect of it.
Logistics, warehousing, go and learn them, store-keeping.
“You should be able to know how to keep
people’s goods and how to deliver using the proper method of store-keeping;
first in, first out or first in , last out; you juggle them to make sure the
proper thing is done.
Nwangwu also said the hiccups associated
with ship registration should be addressed so that Nigerians could have better
access to trade opportunities in the sub-region.
“We are talking of African cabotage, if
AU adopts that and Nigeria continues their usual way of doing things Nigeria
will suffer.
“People from other African countries will
come and tap into Nigeria because Nigeria is the destination.
“Nigeria has the cargo, but we don’t have
the capacity. 
“To register a vessel in Nigeria is a big
battle. Most Nigerians who have vessels today register in Liberia and we have a
register here.
“You want to register here, they will
tell you to go and call your great grandfather to come and witness for you,
make it impossible.
“So, people go to Liberia and register
and still come to Nigeria to do the business.
“Nigeria is losing revenue, and nobody
ever raises his voice to ask questions why are Nigerians not registering their
vessels in Nigeria?”
Nwangwu said the trade would be better for
the nation’s economy if the primary issues supporting trade were attended to.

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