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Expert seeks adequate funding for ship building in Africa

A maritime
expert, Mr Samuel Kame-Domguia, has called for adequate funding of ship
building industry to drive Africa’s maritime business.

Kame-Domguia, an official of
African Union(AU), made the call in an interview in Lagos on the sidelines of ongoing
African Maritime Conference organised by African Ship owners Association.

The expert, who is the Coordinator
of AUs 2050 Africa Integrated Maritime (AIM) Strategy Task Force, urged
Africans to be dedicated and committed to the AU’s agenda to drive and grow
Africa’s maritime.
NAN reports that the AU’s 2050
AIM-Strategy Task Force is a multi-disciplinary team of international maritime
experts at the
AU Commission who are responsible for the comprehensive vision of promoting
Africa’s maritime resources as well as the economy surrounding the continent’s
maritime industry
According to the AU official,
Africa would get good support through the African Development Bank but people
must be prepared to work to achieve the provisions of cabotage (coastal trade)
in the continent.
“The new president of the African
Development Bank is very committed on this agenda and there will a very strong
support for African private sector in this field.
“It is not just a matter of
having ships owned by Africans but these ships should be built by Africans, in
Africa; so, this requires some strong financial support.
“What does it take to have this
technology? It takes determination, it takes commitment, It takes hard work.
“We should work toward developing
the capacity to build our ships. We cannot fold our hands saying we do not have
the capacity.
“What does it take to have it? It
takes brain and if brainpower is the first asset, I believe we have the
brainpower to drive that agenda in Africa.
“I repeat that there is an
agenda; there is a strategy we have to put in place; we have to develop; and we
have to implement the strategy,’’ the maritime expert said.
Kame-Domguia said there was a 10-
year road map toward implementing specific aspects of the 2050 AIM-Strategy.

He said these covered ship
building by Africans and developing capacity building.
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