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Association urges Nigerians to exploit opportunities in shipping sector

Mr Aminu Umar, the acting president of the Nigerian Indigenous Shipowners Association(NISA) on Wednesday urged stakeholders to utilise the available opportunities in the shipping sector.

Umar said in an interview in Lagos, that the shipping sector was still developing and had a lot of opportunities for interested investors, especially if support came from the banking sector.

“The shipping industry in Nigeria, we are at a developmental level. I believe there are lots of opportunities for us to utilise.
“I think it is one of the industries or the sector of the economy that has a lot of opportunities not tapped. 
“We hope, with the change in government and also the opening up of so many things in the industry, there will be a lot of investors coming in, particularly Nigerians, because, we have not even scratched what is
in the industry. 
“All the players that we have today, we are not up to 10 per cent of the total capacity that is in the industry or the opportunities that are there.
“And I believe that with the right support and environment and the right finances from the financial sector, that is, the banks, financing Nigerians, there are a lot of opportunities coming, because the market is
Umar, who is also the Chief Executive Officer of Sea Transport Services, said that Nigerians did not participate in the operations of dry cargo transportation where opportunities would have been in their favour.
He said that with the new opportunities abound in the clean product market, which includes petrol and gas, many Nigerians could come in to participate in the business.
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