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Operator says Ikorodu terminal not congested

The General
Manager, Operations of Sapid Agencies, Francis Itsede has said the Ikorodu
Terminal, known for the storage of overtime containers and other goods, is not

Sapid is the
operators of the terminal.
Itsede said
yesterday that in 2014, the Nigerian Ports Authority (NPA) used the terminal to
warehouse 2,000 containers.
terminal is not congested, as it is, the last transfer we did was last year
January, February was the last transfer which NPA did.
transfer of containers to Ikorodu as at that time the number should be about
2,000 containers. There are some containers that are there; they are rotten –
wood containers and all that.
“The major
containers, which NPA transferred to Ikorodu as at January, February last year,
we should be having maybe less than 300, 400 containers in the port now,” he
to a recent report on alleged stealing in the terminal, Itsede said adequate
security had been provided to safeguard the containers there.
He said
officials of the company were working closely with the Nigeria Police and
Nigeria Customs Service to patrol the terminal.
examination was done on a container prior to now. Suddenly the owner of the
container said he saw his item at the market and he now came back to Ikorodu to
verify; they now repositioned the container for examination.
“They now
discovered that one out of the three containers was tampered with.
“It was on
that note that the man raised an alarm. There has been this joint patrol in
Ikorodu Terminal between the Nigeria Customs (Service) and the Police.
“We have our
own security as well, but our security – the major thing they do – is to keep
record of inward and outward (movement) of containers – both laden and empty.
“On that
note when the controller was now complaining that our security are not joining
them in the patrol operations in the terminal, we now said since it is now a
team thing, the Nigeria Police, the Nigeria Customs and our own security can
now be working hand in hand to patrol the terminal,” he said.
Itsede noted
that Ikorodu was an overtime cargo terminal where abandoned containers from
other ports could be kept.
He said that
owners of containers usually enjoyed waivers if they could claim their
containers early enough.
According to
him, an average of 15 containers is cleared at the terminal on a daily basis.
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