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World Igbo Congress to discuss marginalization by President Muhammadu Buhari administration — Announces 21st Annual Convention date

Detroit, Michigan,  Aug. 12, 2015  —  Ndi-Igbo, under the auspices of World Igbo Congress (WIC) says its 21st Annual Convention will center on the marginalisation of its people by the President Muhammadu Buhari administration as well as to map out how to internationalize its cause so that the global community will understand the plight of Ndi-Igbo in Nigeria.

This is contained in a statement signed by the Chairman of the organization, Joe Nze Eto, Media Director, World Igbo Congress, Dr. Acho Orabuchi and Public Relations Officer, Chief Basil Onwukwe respectively.

They said that the international convention is scheduled to take place on the Labor Day weekend on September 3-6, 2015 at the Embassy Suites Hotels, 28100 FRANKLIN ROAD, SOUTHFIELD, Michigan, 48034.

The theme of this year’s convention is K’ANYI JIKOTA MAKA ODINMA NA OGANIRU NDI IGBO. The hosting affiliate is Igbo Cultural Association of Michigan under the leadership of Chief/Dr. Ikenna Fortune Duru.

The group said that during the convention, Ndi-Igbo in the Diaspora and at home would utilize the platform to discuss the state of Ndi-Igbo in Nigeria.

“As a determined organization, we must ensure that Ndi-Igbo can no longer be timid about demanding and receiving equity and fairness in Nigeria. Therefore, we are directing Ndi-Igbo in Nigeria to stop allowing other groups to direct Igbo’s destiny in Nigeria. It’s our collective responsibility to chart our own course and work assiduously to achieve our goals,’’ they said.

On the overview of the 2015 elections, the group said it would assess the impact and map out pathways to success.

“We will not let the outcome of the presidential election undermine our success; our progress will not be determined by whoever the president of Nigeria is. While we will determine our future, we will not take crumbs as appointments. We will make sure that Ndi-Igbo will get substantive appointments.

“The forging mutual alliances that will enhance good citizenship of the Igbo and their neighbors in Nigeria and in the Diaspora will take place at the convention.

“While pursuing Igbo Unity and protection of Igbo interests within Nigeria, we must at the same time build lasting and trusting bridges with our neighbors, especially their kith and kin in the contiguous homeland, as well as other tribes, as we actively pursue sustainable regional foundation that will help us leverage others on our core interests.

“We recognize that for us to achieve our interests, it is essentially important for us to begin to build on strategic partnerships and alliances with those who share our plight.

“The SE-SS leadership dialogue will be necessary for the development of pathways to harmonize economic and political interests of the zones and to protect the region’s equity in Nigeria,’’ Ndi Igbo stressed.

They added that with their special consultative status at the UN-ECOSOC, which they would immediately constitute the required representation at the appropriate UN centers and internally communicate their plans on how to maximize the use of their status to share with the world on the current socio-cultural, security and economic issues facing the Igbo in Nigeria.

According to them, no tribe in Nigeria has suffered more marginalization than the Igbo people.

“A case in point is the federal government’s reluctance to build a new Niger Bridge after promises from three administrations, massacre of Igbo people in the North, recent calls by some people for massacre of Igbo people in Nigeria.

“We will discuss the progress being made on the proposed Regional Medical Center of Excellence (RMCE) for the Igbo land and sub-Saharan Africa.

“The successful establishment of a Regional Medical Center of Excellence (RMCE) in Igbo land to provide world class healthcare to our people, a project that requires 50 hectares of land and a minimum of 5 per cent of the estimated $150 million cost for a 120 bed Hospital will be located in the first Southeast.’’

The group, however, said that they would proffer mechanism for achieving Igbo unity where every Igbo person is held responsible for his/her activities in the advancement of collective Igbo interests.

They noted that there would be sanctions to individuals who sell out or bring disunity or disrepute to the Igbo nation.

“WIC will develop a score card for the periodic evaluation of governors, senators, and members of the Federal House. Each member must have an office in his constituency staffed with people to give pertinent information to constituents.

“The constituency allowance must be used in the constituency. Our elected officials must be held accountable. Chief Vince (Sabi) Nweke, Chairman, National Organizing Committee said.

“We must hold our elected official accountable. It will no longer be business as usual. They must account for the constituency funds they receive and we will use score cards to let the masses know about the people representing them.”

They said that all Southeast governors, National Assembly Members, Ohanaeze leadership, and other Igbo leaders are expected to attend the World Igbo Congress Convention and actively participate in the dialogue.

“It’ll not be about speeches, but about results to enhance the condition of Igbo people everywhere in Nigeria. In conclusion, This 21st Annual WIC Convention is uniquely important for two reasons.

“The 2015 national elections in Nigeria shed disturbing light on trust issues among Nigeria’s diverse ethnic and religious blocs,’’ the group added.



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