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World Igbo Congress reaffirms support for Jonathan’s re-election

By Dr
Acho Orabuchi
We, members of the World Igbo Congress (WIC) call on Igbos everywhere
and well-meaning Nigerians to massively support the re-election of President
Goodluck Jonathan, a true democrat who strongly believes in due process and
rule of law.

We beckon Nigerians to see those inner qualities of President
Jonathan, because the wheel of justice in any civilized country takes a little
bit of time to turn. As Nigeria is nurturing its democracy, the last thing the
country needs is a jungle justice.
So, those who frown at Jonathan for being deliberate and
methodical in his approach should rethink their assumptions because the
alternative is the relic of the past, who does not belong in the stream of
The Chairman of World Igbo Congress, Engr. Joe Eto said, “Please
vote Jonathan, the alternative is morbid chaos and continued bloodletting in
Nigeria’s northern states. It does not matter what your regrets are about where
Nigeria is today compared with your expectations, be sure to vote on March 28, and
make the smart choice of Goodluck Jonathan.”
We have again reviewed President Jonathan’s Transformation Agenda
and found significant economic progress Nigeria has made in the past four
years. The economic policies of the President have resulted in significant
growth and the resultant high ranking of Nigeria’s economic position by some
international institutions shows assiduous work Jonathan and his team is doing.
Thus, the overall economy improved during Jonathan’s
administration. The poverty rate is continuously declining since the
Transformation Agenda policies started taking foothold. While we applaud
President Jonathan on the country’s significant increase in GDP and other
economic indicators, we appeal to him to develop policies that will stabilize
the country’s currency—Naira.
WIC is using this opportunity to commend President Jonathan and
the Nigerian security forces for their recent successes on the fight against
Boko Haram. Boko Haram has terrorized Nigeria to inflict the maximum damage and
pain to the citizens of Nigeria.
Many Nigerians, particularly the Igbos have lost their lives,
properties, livelihood in the hands of the terrorists. Nigerians cannot take
any longer. We strongly support your leadership to use the Nigerian Armed
Forces to wage a war of attrition against Boko Haram.
We commend Jonathan’s infrastructural development that included
the construction the second Niger Bridge to replace the old Niger Bridge which
was built on December 1965, as well as the construction of Lagos-Benin
expressway, Abuja-Lokoja expressway, Enugu-Abakiliki expressway, Onitsha-Owerri
highway and most parts of the Enugu-Port Harcourt expressway.
WIC applauds the revival of Nigeria’s railway system of
transportation in the country and the standardization of airports across the
country, including the Akanu Ibiam Airport in Enugu that was upgraded into an
international airport, directly connecting the South-East “to the outside world
for the first time since independence.”
Due to President Jonathan’s transformation of the agricultural
sector, Nigeria has now reduced its food imports by over 40% as of 2013 and one
day Nigeria will be self-sufficient in agriculture. Therefore, our support for
President Jonathan is unwavering because he is right for Nigeria.
According to Chairman Eto, “The Southwest and Southeast zones
recognize that Jonathan at this time is the only option for a better, stable
Nigeria. Jonathan showed magnanimity and courage in convening a national
conference. The national conference has already produced major resolutions to
usher in healthy relationship with the various ethnicities and regions of
“Buhari and his political party, APC, discouraged the convening of
the national conference and have not shown any interest in the outcome of the
conference. The conference outcome, when implemented, will unplug Britain from
the Hausa/Fulani socket and eventually abate the British emasculation of
Nigeria through ploys executed by those Nigerians who continue to see Britain
as their brain power.”
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