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World’s largest civilian hospital ship under construction

An advanced
hospital vessel is under construction for the Mercy Ships charity.

The vessel,
‘Atlantic Mercy’ (working title), will be built by China Shipbuilding Industry
Corporation (CSIC) at the Tianjin Xingang Shipyard and scheduled for delivery
in 2017. The Atlantic Mercy project construction will be managed by Stena RoRo.

completed, the ‘Atlantic Mercy’ will be the world’s largest civilian hospital
vessel. The 37,000-tonne vessel will feature a full hospital, accommodation and
training facilities and once in service, she will expand the Mercy Ship
organisation’s activity on the African continent.

There will be
two hospital decks onboard, and six surgery rooms that can be used for both
medical care and educational training. The ship will have beds for 109
acute-care patients, 45 self-care patients, and over 487 crewmembers and
medical staff in 277 cabins, while in port, the ship’s capacity increases to
950 people.

The power
production system on board the Atlantic Mercy is designed to ensure power
supply for the hospital functions in any possible fault situation. 
Source: Baird Maritime
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