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2015 Elections: Agbakoba’s discourse proposes new agenda for Nigeria’s democracy

Dr Olisa Agbakoba, Lead Partner, OAL

Olisa Agbakoba has suggested that Bola Ige’s
questions: ‘Do we want to remain as one country? And under what condition,’
should set the agenda for the 2015 campaign issue if the pursuit of a ‘National
Order’ would become achievable.

His discourse suggests that Nigeria needs a statesman
who will uphold federalism since that is what is most suitable for the Nigerian
nation, considering her diversity as it relates to ethnicity, language and

He said that since there was no super-model of
federalism, the federal countries of the world remained different, noting that
each of those countries face the challenge of ensuring they strike a balance
and identify a workable inclusive federal model.

 He said that as
a way forward, the National Order should resolve the questions of identifying
the federating units; ensuring fair fiscal federalism/Revenue sharing  modes as well as to ensure that the rotation
of power to avoid the anxiety and threats that comes with elections.

According to him, the problems of corruption, lack of
electricity supply and joblessness would be resolved if the State can be
secured and that the security can only come from a National Order that will
decentralise the fiscal and physical power, which will help remove attention
from the centre and open multiple doors of opportunities.

He suggests that all the presidential candidates must
clearly understand the plan of action and how they intend to cultivate and
nurture a national order.

Agbakoba said that President Jonathan’s National
Conference and report may have provided the nation with the basic building
blocks to look at how to reconstruct a new Nigeria.

He, however, warned that Nigeria may continue to face
the same challenges if the Presidential candidates failed to understand how to
build a new Nigeria.

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