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Ndi-Igbo in USA Endorse Jonathan

By Geoffrey Nzeadibe
The Igbos under the aegis of Pan
Ndi-Igbo Foundation USA, Inc. (PNF USA) have called on Nigerians to rally
around President Goodluck Jonathan by giving him maximum support to finish out
two terms.

After a high intensity deliberation and consultations, the executive council,
Ndi-Igbo in the United States unequivocally and strongly support President
Goodluck Ebele Jonathan for his re-election bid.
We strongly endorse President Jonathan and we call on all Nigerians to please
rally around
 Jonathan by giving him maximum support
to finish out two terms.

 Not only that President Goodluk Jonathan
showed a tremendous leadership in curbing Ebola in
Nigeria for the World Health Organization to declare Nigeria Ebola-free, we
have noticed with pride President Jonathan’s Transformation Agenda with its
economic benefits to the nation.

We are particularly happy with the construction
of over thousands of kilometer of roads in all six geopolitical zones
nation-wide; the commencement and early construction of the construction of the
2nd Niger bridge; the ongoing reconstruction of the Lagos/Ibadan 
expressway; the revamping of the Nigeria  Railway system such that rails now run between
Lagos and Kano and Lagos Abeokuta, while construction work goes on at the
Eastern corridor between Port Harcourt and Maiduguri as well as a new line
between Abuja and Kaduna; as well as the ongoing construction of the Abuja
light rail. 


In the same
token, we commend you for the completion of the dredging of the lower River
Niger an establishment of Ports and other
complementary infrastructure; and your particular transformation of the agricultural sector such that Nigeria’s food import of $11bn has started
declining; several rice mills
have been established; dry season rice
farming has created thousands of jobs, while corruption has been reduced
through the electronic wallet system for distribution of fertilizers to real

Under President Jonathan, we have noticed that
on the macro-economic level, Nigeria is now the biggest economy in Africa with a GDP of
over $510bn and the 26th biggest economy in the world and the economy is among
the 10 fastest growing economies in the world with a growth rate of nearly 7%.
There many other accomplishments of Jonathan to reward him for a second term. President
Jonathan carried every Nigerian along. The All Progressives Congress (APC)
candidate, General Muhammadu Buhari (rtd) has a history of tribal politics.

Also, Pan Ndi-Igbo Foundation, (PNF-USA,Inc.)
is demanding from the Federal government of Nigeria a

swift justices against the terrorist
group called “Boko Haram” . PNF-USA, Inc. has heard most of the atrocities
being committed against Nigerians in general and particularly against Ndi-Igbo
and we demand an immediate stop to it.  Protection of lives and properties of Nigerians
is the seminal job of the federal government of Nigeria and Mr. President.
this is not the time to change leadership. Nigerians cannot reward individuals
with the presidency of the country for sabotaging the progress of the nation.  Jonathan has been working hard to curb corruption
and wage a fierce war against Boko Haram. But he has met conspiracy and
sabotage at every step of the way.
 We have honestly not seen a constructive
criticism against Jonathan and in the absent of a 3rd candidate, our way out
will rest on President Jonathan, who is working diligently to set Nigeria
 in the right path.
 Given the two options Nigerians are left
with, any vote or support for General Buhari means pouring old wine in a new
bottle; that will be bad for Nigeria. Both General Muhammadu Buhari, a former
military dictator and his core supporters who exited PDP after running down the
party and the country at large
but has nothing new to offer have switched or jumped ship to APC and will
continue with their corrupt practices should they have a chance at the
leadership of the country. Fellow Nigerians, let us remain
 with President Jonathan for the safety
and posterity of our country.
We plead for
a violence-free election. We want our democracy to keep growing stronger. As a
result, we encourage all Nigerians to vote for President Goodluck Jonathan, a
democrat who understands the
 democratic principles. He is a leader
who carries everyone along regardless of tribe or religious
political pressure group, the Pan Ndi-Igbo Foundation is a national
organization with headquarters in Dallas, Texas, United States. PNF USA,
Incorporated, founded 14 years ago, is a platform for the articulation,
development, promotion, and protection of the common/political interests of
Ndi-Igbo in particular and Nigeria in general.
   Geoffrey Nzeadibe is the National
Chairman, PNF USA, Inc.


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