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Organised inter-modal transport system critical to sustainable economy, says expert

 A Maritime Consultant, Mr Alex Nwangwu says Nigeria’s economy can
be developed and sustained through a well-organised inter-modal transport system.

inter-modal transport system involves linking the water, rail and road transportation
modes, where each supports the other to achieve fast and efficient
transportation of people and cargoes.
Nwangwu said in an interview on Thursday in Lagos that Nigeria needed a
defined transport policy that could make water transportation more attractive
to commuters and investors.
sub-sector in the maritime industry is a reliable cash-cow because the economy
is about movement of people and products from place to place.
“The Inland
water transportation has huge potential to solve many challenges of congestion,
because people want to be on the move since time is an essential part of
trade,” he said.
The maritime
expert called on government to key into the need for diversification of the
economy bearing the falling prices of oil in the international market.
“We can all
see what is happening to the oil prices at the international market; it kept
“This is a
clear indication that there is need for diversification of the economy. Nigeria
needs to look beyond because there are other rich sources that can sustain the
economy,” Nwangwu said.
He also
called on the Federal Government to encourage investment in shipbuilding and
ship repairs.
a Public Private Partnership model, the federal government should encourage
investments in building and maintenance of ships.
“This area
is critical because we can begin to build small crafts that can be put to use
for inland water transportation all around the coastal areas where economic
activities take place.” 

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