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Maritime Stakeholders urged to sustain tempo of Abuja accord

 The Associate
Convenor of the Standing Conference of Mediation Advocates (SCMA), Barrister
Valentino Buoro has commended maritime stakeholders for their joint meeting in
Abuja on Tuesday where the public re-affirmation of support of the Nigerian
Shippers Council as Commercial Regulator of the Maritime Industry was made.

In a Press Statement
issued in Lagos today, Barrister Buoro said that the decision to meet and chart
a way forward in the resolution of current challenges facing the maritime
industry was a significant step towards the institutionalisation of Alternative
Dispute Resolution culture in the industry.
According to
him, ADR does not in any way mean the absence of law and the enforcement of
legal rights, but a collective decision to explore amicable resolution of such
disagreements whenever they arise. The option of litigation will always be
available when parties seek judicial interpretation of legal documents or the
setting of a binding precedent in some questions of law.
Buoro pointed out that the decision of the Nigerian Shippers Council to deploy
Alternative Dispute Resolution as the preferred option of resolving commercial
disputes and civil enforcement in the industry could only be seen as an
acknowledgement of the fact that wisdom does not reside in any one person or
organization but in the collective.
therefore look forward with great optimism that the popular acceptance of this
fast and amicable method of resolving maritime disputes will eradicate business
lock-downs and protracted litigation which foist additional costs of goods on
the buying public.
He expressed the
opinion that the Nigerian Maritime Industry has more than enough intellectuals
and technocrats in all areas of its operations who can turn the nation’s
seaports around to become the preferred destination of global maritime

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