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Olivet Bible Church Encourages Leadership, Youth Development

Pastor Owen Nlekwuwa says building people is at the heart of true worship!
He is a senior pastor at the Olivet Bible Church in Festac Town, Lagos.  
Much as he loves the practice of architecture, a discipline in which he was trained, Nlekwuwa believes that, “ the people must be built first before we worry about the physical structures.” But sure, as an architect, putting the worship tent in good shape never stops being his concern too!
In this regard, the Olivet Academy, initiated by him has been a life-transforming platform where people are groomed to become confident enough to start small businesses rather than wait for white-collar
jobs that may never come.  “We have trained and encouraged the youths to plant a tree today (start a business) and nurture it.


Pastor Nlekwuwa’s worries  are not far from the fact that in time past being  a college graduate guaranteed young people jobs. “Graduating from college is no longer a guarantee that you get a job and this is not what it used to be.”
For the purpose of a better future, Nlekwuwa advocates that every youth should be guided through a creative path even before graduation. He says, “The schooling period is actually a better time for the youth to learn the importance of owning a business before leaving the university.”


Considering the people-oriented structures that the Church has built over time, the pastor says there is so much to celebrate about at the church’s annual thanksgiving celebration which comes up on Dec. 8.
“We have seen so many victories and progress in lives of individuals. Indeed, hard grounds have been broken and we remain thankful to God.”


          He however wants churches under the Christian Association of Nigeria(CAN)   to do more
of people- centred  programmes. “Besides protecting the interest of Christians, CAN  should also encourage the Churches to take keen interest in developing people, especially the youth.”  


        According to the pastor, for 2014, the emphasis would be to encourage people to look beyond self and emphasised the need for proper management of issues in the middle-east. “Any mismanagement of issues in the middle-east will trigger off problems,” he said.


         He is however hopeful that continuous advocacy will help re-orientate young people concerning job creation and a sustained economic empowerment.
       “Entrepreneurship is the way to go and the youth will benefit from that orientation than dreaming of roaming the streets in endless search for jobs.”
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